Fear does not mean you need to stop

​What would you say to your 22 year old self? I thought about this today. I would tell her feeling the fear when you think of your big dream is normal. It doesn’t mean you are in the wrong path. It isn’t a sign that says STOP but it means you are up to something big in your life. It should feel this way. Dreams should make your heart beat faster. Otherwise they are not dreams but only plans. Martin Luther King didn’t start his speech with “I have a plan”. I don’t think he would have inspired millions of people with “a plan”. Dreams come at least a few sizes larger so that you grow with them. Dreams means you don’t know how to get there but you believe deep in your heart that you can. If you

Connection between passion and awareness

I always believe we come to this planet for a reason. We all have a purpose to be here. We probably know it best when we are a child. Then the real life kicks in with school, grades, expectations of parents, and society. Since we are all programmed to receive love, we pick and choose what we do by the reaction and love we get from the people we care about. We can do anything to get that loving smile from our parents. We lose ourselves somewhere during that process of growing up. I am always in awe with people who do not fall off their path and follow it no matter what others say or think. That to me is a great indication of their faith in themselves. For most of us though, it is either a que

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