Giving thanks even when life gives you lemons

In a year where I lost people who should be still enjoying life now, who left their loved ones too early; in that place of grief, I feel like I have to notice even more of what I am thankful for in my life. People lost their homes in the fires or natural disasters; so many had to flee their countries for safety of their children. You name it we had it in 2017. It feels selfish almost: what/who some people lost is what I have to be grateful for. Just the very big things we take for granted like having a healthy child or a spouse or having a roof over our head, the bed we can tuck ourselves in, the food on the table, having loving people around us. We always say the happiness is found in the

Privilege to learn good values in this world

As I watch so many tragic events unfold, like the massive shooting in Las Vegas, the trucks being driven on people in different parts of the world, so many men that we respect turning out to be abusive to women, people in the higher ranks of a government or a corporation turning out be total liars, I cannot stop and wonder why these people turn out to be like this. I always believe we are born innocent and with a good heart. (May be that is where I am wrong and need to research more.) So if that is true, how do we get to be a criminal or a heartless person as we get older? I am sure there are many psychologists who research this. Don't they ever hear about honesty, truthfulness, integrity, c

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