Your children are not here to make YOUR dreams come true

It has never been easy to be a parent. Even though there are thousands of books about it, there is no real great formula that works well each and every time. We all try to be the best parents as we can be. Things we know and believe change over time too. Thanks to advancements in psychology and the new fields like neuroscience, we understand more of human behavior. One of my observations around me is the fact that parents want their children to enjoy and like things they love as adults. We may all have that desire. If we love books, we want them to be avid readers. If we love art, we may want them to spend time doing artistic stuff. If we are into sports, we may dream of them being great ath

Accessing our peace when we get away

We are so pure yet we are so complicated. I sense the purity when I am in the woods. I belong. That is where I am supposed to be. I come from nature. All the other craziness comes from our doing. We created the big cities where the blue sky is not visible. We created the cars and traffic. We created technology. Before everything, we only had nature. I have this amazing calmness being in one of the most beautiful forests right now. Away from everything. Almost wishing my phone or internet did not work. Being in the middle of nowhere. Being in the woods. With all the caution for bear signs. Seeing millions of stars at night which you never get to see in the city. The green that captures your s

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