Is loving your job a real thing?

Yes, it is a real thing if you will do the work behind it. It is not only steps you take, but it is also a lot of inner work. I shared my story from having a job that looks amazing on paper to the journey of finding a job I really love recently. As I went on the journey to find work I love, I went through several feelings. Excited, insecure, doubtful, determined, happy, anxious. Since I decided that I will not sell my soul and be someone different from who I really am and love all my days not only my weekends, I had to have the leap of faith. What kept me going in difficult times were the stories of people who had jobs they loved. As I listened to them or read their biographies, none of them

How to choose between two conflicting choices

Unpacking my story which I shared yesterday, I am going to tell more about what I learned in that process of finding my purpose in life. One is facing our inner conflict. Conflict between two voices we have. One seems to pull us forward, wants us to take risks, acts more like with our emotions and intuition. The other one wants to take less risks, cares about the norms of society, what other people say, wants to use our minds, prefers logical. We find ourselves in this conflicting place several times in our lives. Which voice is telling the truth? Which one is better to follow? That was exactly where I was torn apart about my decision for the future of my career. Do I listen to that voice th

Why and how did I get obsessed about making people happy at work?

People who know me see that I am kind of obsessed about making more people happy at work. Everything I do, two businesses I started, my writing, my speaking, my teaching and my consultancy work all boils down to making people happier at work (paid or unpaid). I thought I should share my story of how and why I got so interested in this topic. I was working in one of those beautiful modern offices in one of the skyscrapers in Istanbul. Those eye-catching buildings that made you think you would be more important if you get a chance to slide your badge to work there every day. The office, the people and the pay made you feel like you accomplished something important. It was a Fortune 100 company

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