9 Practices That Can Make Us Happier in 2020

We always get excited about a new year starting. Why though? We always want a new beginning to be more hopeful for the future. Everybody, when asked, wants something more or different than the year they are leaving behind even if it was the best year of their lives. Human beings are just wired that way. Then there are those who had a very tough year and they want it to end which is understandable. The calendar year is artificial though. We actually do not need to wait for January 1st to start anything new. We can always start over the next day. Since there is something more significant about the new 365 days that is starting let’s dig in to some practices that can improve the quality of our

2020 de Bizi Daha Mutlu Edebilecek 9 Aliskanlik (Turkish Blog)

Yeni seneye girerken cok heyecanlanip umitleniyoruz. Ama neden? Sanirim 365 yeni gunu barindiran yepyeni bir sene bize umit veriyor. Belki bu sene daha guzel seyler olacak! Aslinda takvim yilini biz cikardik, her yeni gune ayni heyecanla baslamak mumkun. Ama alismisiz bir kere kutlamalarla girdigimiz yeni sene belki en guzel dileklerimizin gerceklesecegi yil olacak. Neden olmasin? Bize guzel enerji ve umit verdigi surece herseye raziyim. Sizinle kendi benimsedigim, bir cok sevdigim ve izledigim insanlardan ve kaynaklardan ogrendigim bazi aliskanliklari paylasacagim. Bazisi uzerinde halen calisiyorum, bazisi artik cok kolay geliyor. Onemli olan hepsini istikrar ile yapmak ve aliskanlik haline

Take the Time to Reflect Back on 2019

I am setting aside a time to do "reflection day" every year in December. I highly recommend it. Why? Because human mind tends to think more of what we lack, what we have not achieved more than all the great things that happened to us. "Negativity bias" is a term used in positive psychology field to explain how our minds are more inclined to focus on negative. In order to negate that we need to consciously look what was great about our year that we may have already forgotten. Doing a reflection is not to ignore all the hardship we may have faced but being very intentional and mindful about remembering all the good things that happened. I have spent some time doing that again this year. Here a

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