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Why this workshop NOW?


We are living at a time when 71% of employees are not engaged at work, millennials seek for balance and meaning in all parts of their lives, people at retirement age still want to contribute, stay productive, many at midlife want to bring more meaning into their lives,  and stop living for the weekends and retirement to enjoy life.


The questioning of life and what the next step might be is an ageless topic many seem to struggle with.


We all have options and many great ones that will bring more fulfillment but we just don't exactly know where to start, how to get support and how to move forward.


There is good news though: New areas in science like neuroplasticiy and positive psychology now show how we can retrain our brain to work in our favor. There are concrete steps we can take and tools we can use to follow our passion and purpose.


Purpose driven people have 64% more fulfillment in their lives.


This workshop will explain why it is so hard for many of us to stay on track when we want to achieve our dreams (it is part of being human) and how we can overcome these challenges.


It will show why knowing our gifts, passion and values is more important than ever to thrive in this new environment we are living in and in the future. 


To find out more about Your Best Life and its owner's story please click here. 



Why Your Best Life?
  • The founder, Brooke Erol, has gone through her own journey
  • Quit a job at IBM that looked amazing on paper but did not feel right 
  • Moved to US to start her life from scratch
  • She spent years in self discovery as she worked as a Sales & Marketing Manager
  • When she found out her purpose is to help others see their strengths, potential and passion she started Your Best Life in 2003
  • She worked with many professionals and individuals who wanted to find their next step in life; she changed lives (see testimonials)
  • She started her second business helping organizations find their strengths in 2010
  • She was elected to be 1 of 8 fellows for LifeReimagined Institute that helps millions of people find their purpose
  • She published her first book Create a Life You Love in 2015
  • Featured at the 50th Local Authors Event in San Diego in 2016
  • Volunteers at 4 nonprofits helping kids in rural parts of Turkey find their potential, mentoring college students, serving on the board of San Diego Coaching Alliance as VP of Marketing, and mentoring small businesses at SCORE.  
You can read more at ABOUT YBL. 
We cannot thank enough to our sponsors:
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