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Discover what is next:

Finding "work" that fulfills your mind and your heart

Caring and supportive online Purpose community

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Join Us:)

Why care about Purpose so much?

Neuroscience teaches us that when we work with purpose, we produce oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that increases our trust and sense of belonging. This makes us show up very differently at work. (Imperative)


Connect with others who are in the same path

Find out the different options for your next step

Deepen self-knowledge

Belong to a community that provides support

Learn from experts who have helped thousands of people in these topics

Gain more resilience

Feel supported

Feel happier

Have a better understanding of the path

Get unstuck

Gain vocational clarity

Feeling less isolated

Having a safe community environment to share stories, challenges, victories to support each other

Our purpose is to create a platform where everybody can support each

other finding more meaning in their work.  Our vision is to expand this community to millions all around the world so that we can change the trajectory of our humanity.


You don't like your job and looking for something that is more meaningful

You plan to retire and want to make best use of your time with things that matter

You got laid off after doing everything right, you don't want to jump into another job without looking for insight

You know there is more to life than this and you want to use your potential, be more aligned with who you are

You care about living a purposeful life honoring your values and your strengths; just don't know where to start

You feel stuck with your work/vocation path

You are not sure if you want to start a business, change your career, do volunteer work or stay where you are


“I felt really supported. It felt just fine to be who I am - no pretenses or fear about my age with this group. My purpose was validated by others.”

“My perspective on finding meaning in life have grown and expanded.”

Getting support from others! Feeling appreciated and less isolated. This was terrific!”

Facilitator: Brooke O. Erol

Brooke Erol

Brooke Ozlem Erol has started her career at IBM following the traditional path she was given to be "successful". She quit her great job after 11 years, feeling she is not aligned with it. She started her journey to find her purpose in life. She loved the process she went through to find out her gifts, her passion, and how she can play her part in the world to make it a better place. She believes it is too important not to find out who we really are authentically. She started her first business in 2003 ( to help professionals who don’t like their jobs and want to find more meaning in life, as a career coach. After being around so many unhappy people at work, she decided to help the organizations who employed them by starting her second business ( She loves helping leaders create inspiring and purposeful environments so that all stakeholders (employees, clients, vendors, suppliers, shareholders) are happier. She also helps them hire the right people who are also a good culture fit. She believes life is too precious to live only for weekends and retirement. She is the author of Create a Life You Love and she speaks at various events in the country and abroad. She is a contributor to Huffington Post under Great Work Culture topics. She is almost done with a co-authored book about better work environments that will be published in 2018 and she is writing her second book on purposeful and humanistic workplaces. She also volunteers for several nonprofits she loves. 

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