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Online Training :

Find Work YOU Love 💙

What is covered? 


How to find our passion and integrate that in our lives in some way (hobby/career/new business/volunteer work etc.) and how to overcome the obstacles we face to get there. It is also for all those who ask What is Next?

This online version is for those of you who like to do the learning and exercises on your own. Or this is for those of you who attended my seminar(s) or similar ones but want to stay on the path by reinforcing what you already know.  It is intended to be finished in approximately 8 weeks. As you finish one chapter, the one following it unlocks in a week and so on. You will have access to it for 6 months to review as much as you like. 



What will this course do? It will guide you and show you:


  1. Why self-awareness is the key

  2. How questioning our beliefs can change our lives for better

  3. How to practice some skills to bring more clarity to what we want to do

  4. What to do to find our strengths

  5. Why finding our passion/purpose/strengths is more important now than ever

  6. Different paths we can take to live our purpose through any of the below:

    1. Our existing job

    2. Volunteering

    3. Building a business

    4. A new job

  7. How to ask yourself the right questions to understand who we really are

  8. How to overcome some emotional obstacles we all face




The course also has weekly exercises that will further enhance your learning. 


Why Your Best Life?


Because the owner Brooke Erol had a "great" job that did not make her happy. She wanted to do something that was more aligned with who she was and did not want to wait for weekends and retirement to feel good. So she struggled to find out what it is she wants, understand which limiting beliefs stopped her and how to follow her passion no matter what. She went through this journey with all the ups and downs until she was crystal clear about her purpose and passion. Everything she does now is tied closely to her life purpose including her volunteer work: helping individuals and organizations find their purpose, use their maximum potential which all gets reflected in what they do. She can relate to all others who go through the same journey. 


What would it be worth to you if you make some changes in your beliefs and some of your perspectives to live a life you love? 

Anybody who wants to take this program can try it free first with the Free Preview:


watch the welcome video,

find out more about the course


take a quick survey of where you are today.

This module alone will give you a lot of value.


You can buy the whole course if you enjoy what you see.   It is the summary of at least 20 years of work in these topics, 20+ years of professional and entrepreneurship experience, and all I learned from books and dozens of training.


The whole intent of this course is to help you create a life you love.  You may not even have to change anything in your life but just change your mindset by eliminating some old beliefs and overcoming mental barriers. 


Good luck and hope to connect with you on that journey!





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