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Unpacking Purpose Workshop


Grab your notebook, pen and coffee and join me. We will have fun together. 




Let's start with the Purpose of this workshop:


Crises and tragedies awaken the need for purpose. Many of us are questioning life and how we spend it; what matters. It is important not to lose this moment. Let's do this as interactive as possible so that you get all the help you need and walk away with valuable insights.

The questioning of life and what the next step might be is an ageless topic anyways. 

When we get clear about it; it has several benefits, one as below:


Purpose driven people have 64% more fulfillment in their lives.


  • May be you see the word "Purpose" everywhere but not exactly sure what it means and how to find it

  • You want to lead a more purposeful life but not sure where and how to start

  • You are a millennial seeking for balance and meaning in your life

  • You are planning or already retired and still want to contribute, stay productive

  • You are thinking of changing your career

  • You want to stop living for the weekends and retirement

  • You want to start something on your business/gig that is going to give more meaning to your life

  • You don't only want to have clarity, but also want to put it in practice

These can take us into different paths. However all of this starts from the same place and same fundamental questions that we will explore together.


You have two choices:

1) Nov 13th - Friday from 9AM to 12PM PST/12PM -3PM EST/6PM-9PM CET (3 hours all at once)





2) Nov 7th Saturday from 9AM to 12PM PST/12PM -3PM EST/6PM-9PM CET (3 hours all at once)



I promise it will be fun to be online together on Zoom. You will get the Zoom link after your register. I bet you don't want to be dumped information to do this alone; you want an interactive session.  So will explore some questions together. We will do some exercises. We will create a safe environment where there are no dumb or silly questions.

We will have at least 4 and at the most 12 people in each cohort.

You will have access to a private Facebook group if you like. (If we don't have at least 4 people, we may need to postpone.)



The sessions 

(the 3 hour long one will have breaks in between some)


  • What is Purpose?

    • How do you find it?

    • What are the benefits?

    • What are the different ways to express our Purpose?

i.  Existing job/life

ii. New career

iii.New business

iv.Volunteer work or hobby​​

  • How to stay in track? Getting unstuck  and Wrap Up

We will share examples. We will have great questions and exercises.



First and foremost I have been doing this for two decades now before Purpose was a thing. I have a lot of examples, research behind this work. 
Some of what may resonate with you from my life:
  • I had to go through my journey to find what my Purpose is 
  • Quit a job at IBM that looked amazing on paper but did not feel right 
  • Moved to US to start my life from scratch
  • I spent years in self discovery as I worked as a Sales & Marketing Manager
  • I found out my purpose is to help others see their strengths, potential and passion;  started Your Best Life in 2003
  • I worked with many professionals and individuals who wanted to find their next step in life (see testimonials)
  • I started my second business helping organizations find their purpose in 2010
  • I was one of the 8 fellows selected for LifeReimagined Institute that helps millions of people find their purpose
  • I published my first book Create a Life You Love in 2015
  • The book was featured at the 50th Local Authors Event in San Diego in 2016
  • Volunteers at 4 nonprofits helping kids in rural parts of Turkey find their potential, mentoring college students, serving on the board of San Diego Coaching Alliance as VP of Marketing, and mentoring small businesses at SCORE.  
You can read more at ABOUT YBL. 


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