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Pray More Worry Less

I got this iPhone case that I love which says “Pray More Worry Less”. I would not have picked this one up 5 years ago. I cannot call myself religious. Although I enjoyed growing up with my sweetest grandmother who taught me how to pray, I chose to be religion free unfortunately observing in many instances how it brought separation instead of unity. In the heart of all religions I still believe there is a part that is good for all our humanity if we were able to practice it without making anybody else “wrong” or “bad” in any way just because they do not share the same faith. I really believe in ONENESS and that we are all part of a big collection of creation. If all religions are tolerant and accepting of each other then I am all up for it.

So I stopped praying; until I get to know more about the universal laws, the power of prayer and how we get our questions answered when we pray. I got the real meaning of “praying” out of the religious context. It is the expression of what you want and desire in your life. It is a positive conversation with God or Universe or something more powerful than us. A close friend of my mine told me about her every-night –ritual where she starts with meditation (which always makes me calmer and peaceful) and follows it by her prayers. I am doing the same for the last 4-5 years now. I also included all my gratefulness prayers in there too. Praying (like in the book Eat Pray Love) really gets you to a better place in your soul and gets you connected with God and Universe in a profound way to get your wishes come true. There is something magical about it.

Although I am very positive in many ways, I also have worrying in my bones and it got worse since I became a mom. So my instant inclination is to worry about things that never happen! When I get present to it and now how much energy is wasted I look for ways to heal it. Especially when I hear the studies like “90% of things we worry about either happened in the past or never happen” I want to make sure I learn how not to worry. When you pray you stay in the positive. You are praying for things to be better, you visualize what you want and you think about positive images when you pray. I love the phrase “worrying is a misuse of your imagination”.

Praying has positive and worrying has negative hidden in it. So that is why praying , with the meaning “ wishing things to get better and dreaming about what you want in life” is certainly better than worrying. I have the constant reminder on my phone!

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