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Do you feel resistance to do what you love?

I have been struggling with this for a long time now. Every time I am up to something big, I love to make the plans and have the dream but I have this big resisting energy right before I actually want to really DO something about it. It does not make any sense logically. What makes sense is to start what you love to do right away just like Nike tag line “Just do it”. So where is this resistance to act come from? I can never explain it. It definitely feels like self-sabotage. You know your soul wants it you know it carries a lot of meaning for you, yet you don’t start doing it.

Then I listened to an interview with Steve Pressfield. He believes that when we are up to something big for ourselves or for others, the resistance is there automatically. It is like a universal law.. Then I bought his book “the War of Art” and read more about it. It is so interesting the way he describes it. It felt so familiar and it also made me feel a little less crazy. It looks like many people go through this phase. I had that feeling of “Thank God I am not the only one. May be I don’t need to beat myself up; there is a reason behind my insanity” .He says the more important the task or the dream is, the bigger the resistance. That is so true too. I start a lot of things I want but not the steps to my biggest calling.

It could be running your first marathon, pursuing your dream of becoming a painter, writing your book or starting a new venture. The more you are aware of it, harder it is to start this journey.

The best thing is there is hope. There are ways to get around it and do what we love anyway. We actually all know in our guts that this calling will bring us a lot of joy and feed our soul, we just have to recognize resistance for what it is and start our own unique journey anyways to be who really are and share our form of “art”. I will leave the secrets to overcoming it to this great book. This time I just wanted you to recognize it if you are up to something important and feel a little bit relieved that you are not the only one.

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