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Privilege to learn good values in this world

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As I watch so many tragic events unfold, like the massive shooting in Las Vegas, the trucks being driven on people in different parts of the world, so many men that we respect turning out to be abusive to women, people in the higher ranks of a government or a corporation turning out be total liars, I cannot stop and wonder why these people turn out to be like this. I always believe we are born innocent and with a good heart. (May be that is where I am wrong and need to research more.) So if that is true, how do we get to be a criminal or a heartless person as we get older? I am sure there are many psychologists who research this.

Don't they ever hear about honesty, truthfulness, integrity, courage, compassion in their homes? Were they all brought up in the worst neighborhoods with no guidance, were their parents always missing and ignorant? Are they all mentally ill? Listening to their backgrounds, it is not always the case. Especially those who got the best education, are smart enough to climb the corporate ladder or become an elected official to represent us, what are their values? Do their parents, guardians teach them to be selfish, to be ignorant, to tell lies when they feel trapped, to go and kill others when they don't think alike or believe in the same things? I am not talking about the brain-washed extremists here. That is a big question that so many experts are looking to find out more. I don't even dare to find an answer to that; I am talking about the regular people. ( At least that look normal first.)

In times like these, I have the urge to tell my parents that my biggest and most significant inheritance are the values I learned from them. When we are growing up, we think our home is a reflection of the world. We don't know better, but now I see it as a privilege to witness and learn values like honesty, compassion, love for one another, respect for all differences in mankind, and humanity. May be it makes it harder to witness these are not practiced by all, but we should always remind ourselves that there is always a lot more good in the world than bad in any given moment. We unfortunately get exposed to the bad in main media which makes us believe most of the world events and people are horrible. We need to tell ourselves and our children it is not true. Even if I cannot tell how people turn out to do bad things to others in every case, I know we will continue to teach our kids the best values that will unite us in the world, not divide us if we want progress for our humanity.

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