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Always focus on results versus the steps to get there

I have been going to the gym since I was 18 pretty consistently. People think I love it. No, I don't always love it. Most of the time I actually have to drag myself to the gym with no desire to exercise.

So what keeps me going then? Focusing on positive results.

1) I feel better immediately after I exercise; not only physically but emotionally too.

2) I know exercise makes me healthier. (Is there any way we can escape this fact? We have been bombarded with the benefits of exercise for decades now.)

3) I am trying to prevent bone and muscle loss as much as I can.

4) I think about all the disabled people who cannot do what I do, but sacrifice everything to exercise. I see the challenged athletes doing everything from biking all the way to the biggest event of all: Iron Man, missing two legs. That makes me think "what is my excuse?"

5) Every time I am at the gym I start with gratitude that I can stand up there and do what I want. So it gives me another chance to be grateful with my life.

It is the same thing in all aspects of life. Sometimes the journey that takes us where we want to be is not a lot of fun. We have to keep the focus on results. That is what keeps us going. Building a business, losing weight, raising children or having any kind of audacious goal in life is never easy. We need to look beyond the steps and visualize the dream to stay determined.

So yes, for most of the days I prefer not to go to the gym. But I do it anyways. It is so worth it when you see the results.

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