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Accessing our peace when we get away

We are so pure yet we are so complicated.

I sense the purity when I am in the woods. I belong. That is where I am supposed to be. I come from nature. All the other craziness comes from our doing. We created the big cities where the blue sky is not visible. We created the cars and traffic. We created technology. Before everything, we only had nature.

I have this amazing calmness being in one of the most beautiful forests right now. Away from everything. Almost wishing my phone or internet did not work. Being in the middle of nowhere. Being in the woods. With all the caution for bear signs. Seeing millions of stars at night which you never get to see in the city. The green that captures your soul. The peace inside of you gets to be so obvious when you are here. It is so much easier to access it when you are in nature.

I love the beach and the ocean and I am very lucky to be close. It is something else to be around the woods though. It is exceptionally quiet. Only the chirping of the birds and the wind. It is so soothing and calming.

I cannot stop wondering this must be our real being. Before we created the craziness (being a city girl I love that too), may be we did not need to learn so much about meditation or mindfulness; being in nature created that natural environment to be in the moment. I feel so much in flow. There is no resistance to overcome, there is nothing to fight for. It just is.

Being away from it all, I see the necessity to do this more. Getting away from the city and be in nature. To see the purity in all of us, the connection with nature, and the access to my true being that is always calm and peaceful in there.

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