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Welcome to our Online Purpose Community

Thank you so much for joining us at this meaningful, purposeful community. We had an amazing experience last time we did it; people felt supported, learned a lot from the webinars as well as from each other as they explored their next step in their vocation.


What to expect now?

This platform will have the following components . It will evolve as we get your valuable feedback.


1. Complimentary webinars series for 4 weeks starting on Jan 12th, to understand the basic concepts of doing work that is purposeful

2. Online Facebook community only open to this Purpose community. A safe place to share our stories, challenges, questions, relevant articles that might be inspiring to all of us

3. Exercises that enhances our experience

4. Recording of the webinars for those who cannot attend live

5. Links to tools you may want to use (optional with fees)

6. Optional webinars for more detailed topics (optional with fees)

7. Guests speakers, experts (optional with fees)

What to do until we officially get started?

1. Please watch out for emails you will receive from (please make sure it does not go to your junk folder)

2. Those emails will have some information like:

a. How to join Facebook closed group

c. Link to pre-launch survey 

4. Please take 5 minutes when you receive the first link to the webinar to download Zoom (the webinar platform that will be used) for the first and last time

5. Join us with an open mind

6. Most important of all, enjoy the ride :)

See you all on January 12th for our first webinar!


If you have any questions please reach us at !

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