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Connection between passion and awareness

Updated: May 23

I always believe we come to this planet for a reason. We all have a purpose to be here. We probably know it best when we are a child. Then the real life kicks in with school, grades, expectations of parents, and society. Since we are all programmed to receive love, we pick and choose what we do by the reaction and love we get from the people we care about. We can do anything to get that loving smile from our parents. We lose ourselves somewhere during that process of growing up. I am always in awe with people who do not fall off their path and follow it no matter what others say or think. That to me is a great indication of their faith in themselves.

For most of us though, it is either a question that never comes up again or a very difficult one to manage if it does. Why am I here? What am I supposed to do with my life? It is very easy to ignore it since we have a lot of obligations by the time we have a job and a family. The bottom line always comes to “I have to pay the bills and I am not going to dwell in these big questions. I do not have time for it and only dreamers go there”. That makes sense logically however when I hear and learn about successful (success meaning they love what they do and feel happy) people, almost all of them followed their dream no matter what. When they come forward, they tell how they listen to their hearts’ desire. They never say it is a smooth ride either but at the end they all feel more fulfilled than people who only work to make a living. I always think it is worth looking into these deep questions since we all want to feel happy most of the time in this short life we live. It does not need to be a big career change either we just need to identify what makes us feel excited and then learn how to integrate these into our lives.

Many people ask me how to find their passion and their purpose when I tell them I do coaching in this area. I hear, read and observe over and over again from everybody who is able to clarify their passion that the only way to hear that inner good voice is to increase our awareness level. Paying attention to what we do, how we feel, what makes us excited, what is calling us, being in the moment helps us answer these questions. Practicing stillness is the gateway to our awareness. Happy people swear by the power of meditating, taking time to be in nature and being free of our chatter in our mind even for brief moments as a means of increasing self- awareness. The answers are always there within. We just need to get reconnected to that place that always exists inside us and knows why we are here and what we are supposed to do with our lives. Happy awareness and stillness to everyone!

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