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About Me -Brooke Ozlem Erol


Brooke Ozlem Erol

Executive Coach | Career Coach | Best seller author | Speaker

Here is a little bit about my story and what got me here:

I studied Business Administration at college with emphasis on Marketing. After I graduated from college, I joined IBM. I worked at IBM for 11 years at different departments; mainly in education, sales, and customer account management and received lots of valuable training and great experience. I had this great job but I knew it was not the right one for me. So I quit.


I moved to US 20+ years ago with no job or real plans following my gut. I joined a small business and did project management. I worked for 2 years; when the project was over I had nothing to do. While I was desperate to find a job I also had the best time of my life, because I finally had time to do some soul searching and to get to know myself better. A wonderful coach helped me to get me out of my own way, overcoming my own limiting beliefs. Although it felt like I wasted a lot of time in my deeper journey then, now I know it was some of the best years of my life. I enjoyed this journey so much that I decided to get trained in helping others and start my own business in 2003; founded Your Best Life Inc and started helping others find their own passion too.

I started writing, I created 2 web sites, I came crystal clear about what I want and what I don’t want to do. One thing I want to do is to contribute to others by seeing the greatness in them. We all bring unique gifts to this world and when we choose to discover them and share them with the world, we live a life that we love.

Everything I do from speaking, writing, consulting and coaching has to do with my passion to make workplace more human for everyone. 


If you want to know more about my professional background please check out my LinkedIn profile and follow me if you are interested in these topics. I have close to 100 articles I wrote at LinkedIn too.  You can also find more about me, my speaking engagements, podcasts I have been invited as a guest and more at Purposeful Business, Inc. (The parent company of

If you sum it up; my values are love, peace, passion, inspiration, connection, sharing, compassion and communication.


My purpose is to make sure people are happy at work (whatever "work" means to them in their life). 

My Philosophy

I believe we cannot compartmentalize work. It is part of who we are. We cannot call it "just a job to pay our bills". We spend way too much time at work not to like it. We work for at least 40-50 hours a week; we cannot like hate all 5 days of a week and enjoy our weekends only. We also live longer and work for more years so we better find something that resonates with us, that excites us, and uses our strengths. 


It's okay to be where we are now. Nothing goes to waste, and we can always discover work that brings us joy.


I do coaching  with individuals as well as businesses, writing, speaking, and working on causes very close to my heart. I also do culture transformation through my other business Purposeful Business, Inc. where I help small and medium size companies identify their strengths and their unique capabilities to stand out in their own space as well as contributing to humanizing the workplace.

We always start by finding the answer to the question “WHY they are in the business” in the first place (besides making profit) and identifying their purpose.

I have this unique advantage of looking at work from both individual's and the corporation's perspective which helps my clients tremendously. 

About My Coaching

Steps of Coaching and A Deliverable Example*

YBL How Steps-2.png

*The deliverable depends on the coaching program you choose.

You can also find frequently asked questions here.

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