Purposeful Life Video Channel

This is a channel where we will have candid and honest conversations about how to find our purpose in life and at work. What purpose really means. There is so much talk about Purpose, let's untangle it. 


This is series of short videos (all less than 10 min since we don't seem to have time to listen/read/watch everything we want) where I share what I learned from my own life experience and from my clients. It is really an intersection of my two businesses: 


https://www.yourbestlifeinc.com where I have been helping individuals find their gifts, values, purpose and passion 




https://www.purposeful.business where I help leaders find their purpose beyond profit in their organizations and make it part of their business strategy. 



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There are two playlists now:

1. How to Find our Purpose in Life

2. How to Deal with Difficult Times (since I started this video series just before COVID-19  pandemic, I am also adding a few videos for just that)


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