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What some of my clients say

What truly makes me happy is being there to support individuals in transition or those seeking a thinking partner as they explore their options. People appreciate the emotional support and reassurance that they are not alone. With extensive experience gained from working with over 1,000 clients, I am well-equipped to provide this essential support.

Some of these testimonials come from clients I assisted while working as a career coach for a renowned international outplacement company. I am not permitted to disclose their names or initials, but I have the original files available if you would like to see them.

" Having Brooke as my career coach is very helpful and made me feel confident in my job hunt and interviews."

I found my career coach Brooke  to be of significant value in my transition. The live one on one career coaching was immensely valuable to me due to not being in a job transition situation for the last 15 years. The constructive feedback from the mock interviews that I had with my coach provided me key takeaways that I had to focus on to improve on. In addition, I found having a professional to talk to in my transition lifted me up emotionally which was very helpful to me. So I want to thank my coach Brooke for the guidance and support on this journey. Having her explain the importance of the Linkedin profile, financial considerations in transition between jobs, job search strategies, job search for over age 50, negotiating offers, etc. were all immensely valuable.   

I might have been a step ahead on most hiring practices and resume expectations, but Brooke rolled with that and helped me in my areas of deficiency, supported my decisions, and was there for any questions that I had. She never didn't have an answer. I was impressed.

I’m in the beginning phase but conversations with Brooke make me feel seen and heard. She is bright and passionate on her skill of helping others.

My career coach Brooke was amazing. She helped me keep calm during the storm and was so valuable to have in my corner during this transition.

Really loved my career coach Brooke. Just supportive and extremely knowledgeable on all aspects.

Weekly coaching conversations with Brooke were the most valuable-from framing goals and priorities to providing accountability there was always something new to consider.

I am grateful to Brooke. my career coach for the support and for talking me through my next steps. She was especially helpful in listening to my ideas and thoughts, and in guiding me to my next opportunity.

My coach (Brooke Erol) was invaluable in giving me advice in pursuit of a job.

The career coaching from Brooke Erol was outstanding. She was professional, empathic and knowledgeable. This was the most valuable aspect.

Brooke Ozlem Erol was an incredible resource for me when I had second thoughts about the new position I had started. She provided strong insights and gave me the tools for self awareness and assess my current career and what opportunities I wanted to pursue. I highly recommend her services for anyone in need of guidance with their career. It was a pleasure working with Ozlem. I still do reach out to her when I need further guidance   ZK - NY, NY

Brooke has that straightforward yet gentle approach that directs you to quickly get back in touch with who you are. She gives effective tools and techniques that allow you to reveal answers that have been inside you all alone, but you just needed to be shown the way to get that information out of yourself. That is where Brooke comes in - to guide you to your authentic self.       V.K San Diego, CA

The coaching sessions with Brooke have been very helpful. Nice to have someone to discuss various topics with in regards to the job search.

The conversations with my career coach, Brooke Erol were helpful in planning my approach for job search and understanding how I should approach negotiations with the companies. They also helped me in prioritizing my requirements for the new job.

Seeking career guidance can often feel like navigating through a labyrinth, but with the expertise of Brooke Erol , the journey becomes a clear, empowering trajectory toward success.

From the outset, Brooke exudes professionalism and genuine care for her clients' aspirations. Her personalized approach delves deep into understanding individual strengths, passions, and ambitions, laying the groundwork for a tailored roadmap to achievement.

What sets Brooke apart is her ability to blend insightful guidance with practical strategies. Through thought-provoking conversations and targeted exercises, she unearths hidden potential and illuminates new avenues for growth. Whether it's refining interview skills, revamping a resume, or exploring career transitions, Brooke’s expertise shines through in every session.

Beyond mere career advice, Brooke fosters a supportive partnership that transcends traditional coaching. She instills confidence, imparting invaluable wisdom that extends far beyond the confines of the coaching relationship. Her commitment to ongoing support ensures that clients not only achieve their immediate goals but also thrive in the long term.

I wholeheartedly recommend Erol Brooke to anyone navigating the complexities of career advancement. Her blend of expertise, empathy, and unwavering dedication makes her a true beacon of guidance in the ever-evolving landscape of professional development. With Brooke by your side, success becomes not just a destination, but a tangible reality waiting to be embraced. 

P. Karimi Irvine, CA

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