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Hear from those who created a life they love

I started this process to strengthen my self-presentation skills in support of my search for new job opportunities. Ozlem’s coaching program turned out to be a great journey to understand how I perceive myself, my drivers, values and what makes me happy. Having completed a 3-4 month period and various tests/assessments, I better know my strengths and weaknesses and, more importantly, how they all add value to my work. I now have the tools to identify and hush my saboteurs, value myself and my work more and unleash my potential. I will continue to do so. Many thanks to Ozlem Brooke Erol and her sincere approach throughout. Great to know that she is still there for me.

B.B. (UN Executive in Ankara, Turkiye)



Brooke is a wonderful coach. Besides her expertise in life & professional world, she brings her rich culture and her passion to serve and bring people to excel in what they do. Her maternal instinct and presence create a safe environment for my inner child to finally come out & work in direction I need in my life. Thanks, Brooke!


K.K. (Anaheim, CA)



Brooke O. Erol has been a pivotal coach for me. I have been considering a career shift for many years and had spent countless hours fretting about this decision. Through our work together with Brooke, I discovered that career shift in itself is not what I truly needed. I understood that it is also an environment and change in living as well as a career shift. She helped and pushed me along (with my request) this sometimes uncomfortable discovery period and now I am on a 9 month sabbatical - testing out four metropolitan areas that I wish to live for the next 2-5 years. I enjoyed working with Brooke as she is compassionate as well as passionate about her work; she is very resourceful and much dependable - being there just a step ahead or next to you as you need her. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services if you're looking for a great career-life coach.


S. E. (New York, NY)



When I worked with Brooke, her way of providing space and comfort to me was distinctive. She has

an extraordinary talent to comfort her clients and she is very good in taking out the best of her clients in the most sincere way. You just want to give up to her, feeling so secure so that she leads you in her coaching. For me, it is very important to work with a professional who has never forgotten the amateur side and who works with heart. Brooke is this kind of a person. Comforting, sincere, works with heart and loves what she is doing so much. It is a privilege for me to know a human being like her. She made my dream come true and I have my own business that I love because she helped me get rid of my own limiting beliefs.


L.K. (Istanbul, Turkey)



Brooke has the unique talent of combining her skills and experience in Business Consulting and Coaching. She can bring out the best in her clients by understanding their personal strengths and their core values so that their business can be a reflection of who they really are. She can also find the best qualities that differentiate a business from competition to be used in marketing and business strategies. She has a very holistic approach which works better in today's business environment. She not only creates your marketing and business plan but also can identify the barriers you may be facing in reaching your goals with her coaching skills. Her contribution is very valuable for any entrepreneur and any business.



T.S. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


I've had already established a balanced and stable life and didn't even think I needed a coach in my life until I had my first consulting session with Brooke. After our first session, I just thought this might be something. As we went through all the deep stuff for months, I've realized that I didn't even know about my limiting beliefs and didn't use my full potential because of my fears. 


Brooke is a wholehearted and incredibly caring coach. She held my hand and walked me through this painful process which I'm grateful for. Now, I'm running my own business that I'm passionate about, aware of my inner voice and using much more of my potential. 


She changed my point of view for success and kindly broke my prejudice against myself. I'm thankful for her help.


A.B. (San Diego, CA)  

Ozlem was an incredible resource for me when I had second thoughts about the new position I had started. She provided strong insights and gave me the tools for self awareness and assess my current career and what opportunities I wanted to pursue. I highly recommend her services for anyone in need of guidance with their career. It was a pleasure working with Ozlem. I still do reach out to her when I need further guidance.

ZK - VP Internal Audit  (NY, NY)

I found my career coach Brooke to be of significant value in my transition. The live one on one career coaching was immensely valuable to me due to not being in a job transition situation for the last 15 years. The constructive feedback from the mock interviews that I had with my coach provided me key takeaways that I had to focus on to improve on. In addition, I found having a professional to talk to in my transition lifted me up emotionally which was very helpful to me. So I want to thank my coach Brooke for the guidance and support on this journey. 

J.K. (SF, CA)

Conversations with Brooke make me feel seen and heard. She is bright and passionate on her skill of helping others.  

S.S. (LA, CA)

My career coach Brooke was amazing. She helped me keep calm during the storm and was so valuable to have in my corner during this transition. 

K.L. (Las Vegas, NV)

I like the coaching with Brooke Erol. I always feel more positive after talking to her.

D.L. (Modesto, CA)

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