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Find Work YOU Love 

We all deserve to do work we enjoy using our strengths, values, passion and gifts. We can stop chasing the weekends and working only to get a paycheck if we are willing to do the work behind it.

More and more of us are seeking meaning at work.

We have only one life to live.

If you want to explore this journey please contact me. 


About Me

Hi! I am Brooke Ozlem Erol. I love being a career coach/transition coach where I support amazing people to find work they love. I have been doing this for the last 20+ years and it gives me joy to see others  feeling excited about the work they do.

People who work with me do not want to work only for a paycheck. They know all days count in life, not only weekends. They do not want to waste their time or their talents doing mundane tasks. I was that person 25 years ago so I get it. 

Career Transitions with Your Best Life (A subsidiary of Purposeful Business Inc.)

Finding what is right for you in the next stage of life - including retirement- can show up in different ways: 

Same job but different place

Different career

Business Owner/

Your Gig 

Volunteer Work &

After Retirement



Brooke O. Erol has been a pivotal coach for me. I have been considering a career shift for many years and had spent countless hours fretting about this decision. Through our work together with Brooke, I discovered that career shift in itself is not what I truly needed. I understood that it is also an environment and change in living as well as a career shift. She helped and pushed me along (with my request) this sometimes uncomfortable discovery period and now I am on a 9 month sabbatical - testing out four metropolitan areas. I enjoyed working with Brooke as she is compassionate as well as passionate about her work; she is very resourceful and much dependable - being there just a step ahead or next to you as you need her. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services if you're looking for a great career-life coach.

S. E. NY, NY

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