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Do you have a Plan or a Dream?

People who are born to have big dreams are sometimes judged to be unrealistic, “out of this world”, or like they live in the clouds- too far away to see the real truth. If you read real stories of people who you admire though, beyond the shiny and successful part of their lives, you realize they are all dreamers. Everything around us and everything good that happened on our planet all started with someone who was able to dream and also believe it can come true no matter what others said. Everything is created twice. First in our brain as a dream and then as it appears in reality.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

Steve Jobs

Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech is a great example for what a dream is. He did not say he had a plan. When you have a plan you know the steps you have to take from A to Z to reach a certain goal. When you have a dream you are listening to your creative brain, your gut, your heart’s voice and you have no idea HOW it is going to come true but you know WHY this is important and start following it no matter what. Growing up, I picked up the habit of making a plan for everything. If I did not see how I can get to Z, I did not even start with A. I had to know how it will all play out otherwise it was too risky to start. Do you know why so many of us feel this way? Because not knowing all the steps may mean we are not in control and we may fail. Why start when you don’t know how to get there?

At a wonderful Leadership training, I learned the benefits of letting go of the need to know all the steps. Right after that I started a big project that I kept in my heart for a long time. I had this longing to help a school in a rural part of Turkey but I always waited for that special day to come when I have enough money to actually work on my plan. I was stuck in my way of thinking; the only way I was going to make it was to set aside my own money when the time came. I gave up on my need to know the steps and started telling my friends and family about my dream. First a great nonprofit organization came up that would make the money collection and transfer very easy to do. Then I told my story at a social media site. My friends at far away lands whom I have not spoken to for years heard it and sent money in amounts that I never even imagined. I achieved my goal much faster and much easier than I ever imagined. It was so rewarding. I loved this new experience of having a leap of faith, putting myself out there and watch how things unfold in ways I never imagined.

So whatever it is in you that you want to express or start, do not wait to see HOW it is going to happen. Just start what you feel is right for you now. There will be so many opportunities that you can never even imagine that will open up for you. If you know this is your heart’s desire, may be your life’s work and you know more people will benefit from this, start without knowing all the steps. I am so glad I let go of my need to know and did it anyways. Since then I am following this path each and every time I have a dream. The part of our brain that needs to feel safe and needs to know does not need to be in charge all the time. The unknown is not a comfortable place to be but the faith to follow our dream instead of making it a plan gives us freedom and flexibility to get somewhere – may be even a better place than we imagined. It is also preventing you from being overwhelmed trying to figure out all the steps and giving it up all together. Think about one thing you can do today and do that little task and share it with people you love, from your heart. You don’t know how many people will be willing to help you on your path.

It is good to have a DREAM instead of a plan sometimes!

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