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Meaningful "work" for 2018

Updated: May 23

We can dream and have new goals every day of the year. There is something magical about new beginnings though. A Monday, a new month and especially a new year. We feel there is an extra energy that comes with a fresh start. It is easier to leave behind a difficult week, month or year. Hence the big New Year resolutions we have. Some of us have tried and decided not to do it anymore cause it left us feel like a failure when we could not achieve the goal. For some new year is still full of hope.

The one that I work on the most is to do everything in my power to stop "suffering at work". Large number of people feel miserable to make money. We reached a threshold and work as we know it is not working anymore. Some have no work, looking for something they can feel aligned. Many want to make sure what they do matters. There is a big movement in this direction but there are no easy answers. People are leaving their corporate jobs in record numbers to be on their own. All generations are seeking for more purpose in life, probably knowing the stuff we buy does not make us feel fulfilled for a long time.

People are looking for finding "work" (paid or unpaid) that brings more meaning to their lives. We are wired to contribute and be purposeful. That is the highest level of happiness: knowing what we do contributes to others. Professionals who work only to wait for their weekends and un-promised retirement realize work is a big chunk of their lives. We are all more conscious of our time here, right now. We don't want to "waste" 40-60 hours a week and "suffer" to make money. There are a lot of people who feel this heaviness and do not have the support system to guide them through the steps and answer some big questions:

  • Should I look for what is best in my current job?

  • Should I change careers?

  • Should I be self-employed?

  • Should I just volunteer for a cause that is close to my heart instead?

  • Which way is the best for me and what will make me the happiest?

I believe everybody has the right to ask these questions and that they need support. It should be free to at least understand why we got here and what is happening. What are some steps we can all take to start building our Plan B? We at least owe it to ourselves to look into different options and then decide. Also we all need to learn how to overcome some of our limiting beliefs to get there.

That is why there is a new purpose community that is starting on Jan 12th, 2018 for a limited amount of people to listen to 6 different webinars about this topic and be part of a closed online community so that we can all support each other. We all have amazing potential and we can all use it for good. To check it out and sign up you can go to

Whatever your dream is for 2018, hope you pursue it and don't make 2018 "bad" if things do not work out by February :). Every day is a new day and a fresh start.

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