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New Year's Resolutions Slipping Away?

Updated: May 23

It is mid of February already. It is normal by now that we start to slack with our ambitious goals for 2019. But we don’t have to.

  1. First, even if you cheated on your diet, even if you did not exercise 3 times a week as you planned, did not write a page of your book every day or whatever you did not do, it does not mean you have to quit it all together. Pick up from where you left and continue. It is not easy to learn new habits in one month.

  2. If you have not done it yet, write down the resolutions and pin it in front of you- where you sit or work every morning. Look at the list and see what you are not doing. Do not judge yourself, say “I am learning a new habit to integrate in my life. It takes time but I will do it" instead. Make the list visible.

  3. Anything that you do on a regular basis should go on your smart phone calendar. Let’s make these gadgets work for us. For me, if it is not on my calendar and if it does not have an alert, it does not exist. Even for short activities like “do 2 min meditation”, “do your leg stretches”, “read your 2019 goals out loud in the morning”, add them to your calendar.

  4. Celebrate what you were able to do until now, instead of only focusing on things you did not follow through yet. (“Yet” is the keyword here.)

  5. Check if your goals were too aggressive or not. If you have not been exercising for years and now you have a goal to do it 6 times a week, may be it is better to start with 2 or 3 times a week. We tend to quit it all together if we do not feel like we can stick to a plan, so 2 days is better than no days.

  6. If you have not succeeded in your goals yet do not wait for the next year. We can start anything we want once we decide. It can be any day; we do not even need to wait for next Monday.

  7. Hang around with people who are good about following their goals. You might be inspired by them. (Inspiration without the guilt please!)

Good Luck!

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