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Is loving your job a real thing?

Updated: May 23

Yes, it is a real thing if you will do the work behind it. It is not only steps you take, but it is also a lot of inner work.

I shared my story from having a job that looks amazing on paper to the journey of finding a job I really love recently.

As I went on the journey to find work I love, I went through several feelings. Excited, insecure, doubtful, determined, happy, anxious. Since I decided that I will not sell my soul and be someone different from who I really am and love all my days not only my weekends, I had to have the leap of faith. What kept me going in difficult times were the stories of people who had jobs they loved. As I listened to them or read their biographies, none of them had a smooth ride. They worked hard, they failed, but they never gave up. I was determined to do the same.

I spent years until I found what I love.

Finding a job you love starts with awareness.

First, you notice what makes you happy. People, tasks, art, crafts, solving problems, helping others, communicating, technology, etc. We all have an inner compass that shows us what makes us excited.

You pay attention to your existing job (or the previous ones) and notice the parts of that job you like and you don’t. Note them down.

You feel when you get excited and when you are in the flow and note them down.

You see when you shine, when it does not take too much effort to complete some tasks. You note them down.

You can take tests and assessments to find your personality type and see which jobs are a good match for people like you to narrow it down. When you go through the list, you see which ones make you excited and note them down.

You take notes as people give you feedback at home, at work, with your friends; what do they see as your strengths that come up repeatedly? Note them down.

You think of people you admire and the ones you would happily replace. What are they doing? How did they get there?

What skills do you need to be like them? Can you get the extra education if needed? Are there people who did not get the extra education but excel at what they do? Can you be one of them?

You bring all these notes together to see if they can give you a clue for what you need to do. The best clues are the physical and emotional ones. Which one excites you the most when you imagine yourself doing that work?

This is where we kill the dream most of the time. We feel like we cannot be that person. They were special or their circumstances made it possible. You kill the dream with the how. You find many excuses not to take action. Who are you to do this? Fear creeps in before you know it. This is where the fundamental change needs to happen. Now we have to know of our bad voice, our limiting beliefs and our fear.

Yes, it is possible to find work we love if we know how to overcome old beliefs. Mechanics of the work is one thing, but nothing happens unless we can get out of our way mentally and emotionally.

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