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Did the pandemic give you the extra nudge you need?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

As we all acknowledge, the pandemic has been challenging to say the least. We can never minimize the impact it had in our world and especially for families who have lost a loved one. Our hearts always go out to you.

On the positive side, it made people reflect on their lives. Do life audits. Look inward.

What is most important in my life?

Are my relationships working?

Is this the job or career I want to continue?

What are my priorities?

What needs to change in my life?

Where do I want to live?

Am I happy?

How can I be more purposeful in the rest of my life?

are only some of the questions I heard from my clients. I am sure many out there are asking the same.

I have witnessed over and over again that bad events, circumstances stir up these questions; they become a wake up call. I always work hard to live a life where I do not wait for something horrible to happen to understand what is important. That has always been one of my guiding principles. We do not seem to understand the preciousness of our lives until we have a life-altering experience. It is being human. We can change it though by being more self-aware and more conscious of our choices.

This global pandemic is an amazing opportunity given to us if we are willing to take it. It is a catalyst for change we wanted but have been ignoring or postponing for a long time. Let’s sit and take the time to answer deep and meaningful questions like above even if we do not have all the answers yet. Once it is in your mind and consciousness, the answers will come.

We all have learned something from this experience. Some of my clients tell me they don’t feel like they can be the same person they were before the pandemic. They also tell me they do not want to be. This is a good thing, please do not let this go. Being proactive in choosing what to do with the rest of your path will make you happier. I always had to invent an interruption from the routine to shake people to own their lives. This is it. It is given to us all.

As we have more people getting vaccinated, numbers getting better, schools opening, businesses calling their people back, I am almost anxious to lose this moment. Life is short. We are the only ones who can give meaning to our existence here. So please take the time before everything gets to be busy again. Take some “me” time, write down all the questions into a nice notebook or a new folder in your computer and answer the ones you can. Keep it close by to enter some more notes as new thoughts, feelings, and dreams arrive. They will. I promise.

The extra nudge we needed were hidden somewhere in this pandemic. Use it.


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