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January, 25th, 2024
9AM PST, 12PM EST, 17 UK, 18 CET, 20 TRK

You Want more Joy at Work


You want 2024 to be different for you in terms of your career. 


You are one of them:


  • You dread work or you got laid off want something better

  • You want more meaning at work

  • For some, making money is enough; you want more

  • You do not want to keep chasing weekends or retirement

You know you want change yet it feels overwhelming at times to figure out what to do, where to start, what fits best.

Million questions come up in your mind. 

First of all, you are not alone. 

I have been in your place. I quit jobs. I got laid off. I went into a quest to find what I want most.  It brings up many feelings. 


I worked with hundreds of clients who had this same question and delivered dozens of workshops to thousands of people around the world: Everything you feel is valid and there is a way through it. 

There is a better way to live. Many people who explored their options, realized what is possible for them and followed some steps now love their Mondays, they find joy and meaning in what they do. They do not want to retire even. 

This is what this event is all about. We will share what you need to do to start this journey with renewed energy. 




The purpose of this workshop:


To support everyone who wants to enjoy their work by sharing the most important steps to make this happen.

January is a special month since many people have new goals, dreams for the new year. If we start to take the first steps now it is more likely to keep the momentum in the right direction.

WHO should attend:

  • You just quit your job after reflecting back in your life and want to do something more aligned with who you are

  • You were forced to quit or got laid off, you do not want to start "just another job". You explore the answer to "what else can I do?" 

  • You are considering changing your career/job because you are unhappy doing what you do now or where you work 

  • You want to stop living for the weekends and retirement

  • You want to start your business/gig that is going to give more meaning to your life


January, 25th, 2024 9AM PST, 17 UK, 18 CET

One hour long

+ 30 min for those who want to stay and ask me questions

Online at Zoom

You will receive your Zoom link when you register.



I promise it will be fun to be online together on Zoom. You will get the Zoom link after your register. I bet you don't want to be dumped information alone; you want an interactive session. So will explore some questions together. We will create a safe environment.



 We will explore 

  1. Why it is important to find work we love

  2. Different ways it can happen

  3. What gets in the way and how we can overcome it

  4. Staying on track

Look forward to hosting you on January 25th!  

Brooke O. Erol


First and foremost I have been doing this for two decades now. I have a lot of examples, research behind this work. 
Some of what may resonate with you from my life:
  • I had to go through my journey to find my own "thing" 
  • Quit a job at IBM that looked amazing on paper but did not feel right 
  • Moved to US to start my life from scratch
  • I spent years in self discovery as I worked as a Sales & Marketing VP and Manager
  • I found out my purpose is to help others see their strengths, potential and passion;  started Your Best Life in 2003
  • I worked with many professionals and individuals who wanted to find their next step in life (see testimonials)
  • I started my second business helping organizations find their purpose in 2010
  • I was one of the 8 fellows selected for LifeReimagined Institute that helps millions of people find their next step
  • I published my first book Create a Life You Love in 2015 and contributed to 5 other books
  • Helped over 1,000 clients by now
  • I volunteer at 4 nonprofits: helping kids in rural parts of Turkey find their potential, mentoring college students, serving on the board of San Diego Coaching Alliance as VP of Marketing, and mentoring small businesses at SCORE.
You can read more at ABOUT YBL. 
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