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Places have their energy

Updated: May 23

Do you ever notice you feel more energized or more comfortable in some places than others? It might be a friend’s house or a little coffee shop or a town that you are visiting. I believe we have something that matches with our energy in those places. I have been lucky to travel and see new places and there are some that I call beautiful but there are some that makes me feel inspired or more like myself. My trips to US always made me feel different when I was younger. Although this was a foreign and a very far away land, something always felt good here as soon as I stepped foot on US soil. There are some coffee shops that I love because they boost my creativity. There are some towns I visited that made me want to stay a lot longer than my vacation time there. I also have some friends’ houses that make me feel very comfortable and happy when I am there. I feel cozy.

When I was reading Eckhard Tolle’s book “ The New Earth” I was excited to read how he moved to US based on his intuition and he wrote his books here. That made me feel so good. I was always thinking of a good answer to give to people when they asked me why I moved to San Diego, CA. It just felt right. I had this calling. Why was I not able to say it just like that and was always thinking of a very logical answer to give? He also talks about different countries having their own energy. It is so true. The energy in my own country and the country I chose to live in have completely different energies. It is just a feeling.

I think it is best for all of us to take the time to be where we feel happy and comfortable. That could be a corner of your house or your yard, it could be a local park or the beach, it might be a little town you want to visit or a country that you want to go because you feel more relaxed or alive. Be present to that great feeling. Who knows what you will create for yourself in those moments?

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