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Giving thanks even when life gives you lemons

In a year where I lost people who should be still enjoying life now, who left their loved ones too early; in that place of grief, I feel like I have to notice even more of what I am thankful for in my life. People lost their homes in the fires or natural disasters; so many had to flee their countries for safety of their children. You name it we had it in 2017. It feels selfish almost: what/who some people lost is what I have to be grateful for. Just the very big things we take for granted like having a healthy child or a spouse or having a roof over our head, the bed we can tuck ourselves in, the food on the table, having loving people around us. We always say the happiness is found in the smallest and simplest things which is true but losing people makes you think about the very big things in life that we think is normal too. We don’t ever say “why me?” when things go well. We only question it when somebody or our health is taken away from us.

No matter what, life reminds us, to survive bad times, we still need to count the abundance we have in our lives. Things like health, loved ones, friends who support us, the life experience we gained from the hardships we faced, the wisdom of knowing life is too precious as we age.

All of us hear almost on a daily basis that every day is a gift and it is important to live today as it is our last. We also know it is not so easy to do that while we worry about the future, our job, our retirement, our children, the planet, the next natural disaster, the next political move, the next _____ fill in the blanks. I guess the only think we can do is at least stop for a minute or two every day and remember what we have, instead of what we lack and see it for real, make it sink in and breath with gratitude. For all of you who lost someone special in your life, I wish you find strength and patience to be there for all your loved ones who are still there with you. I hope you do not face anything that will bring more pain and sorrow than what you already had to go through.

As we go through the Thanksgiving week, one holiday that is really meaningful instead of being commercial, I am grateful that our paths crossed some time, somewhere with each one of you.

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